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RVC1 Vehicle Counter Systems

11 Nov 2014

Technical Specifications

Exact collection of single data

Speed number of vehicle, vehicle classifications direction and distance in seconds

10 speed classifications, 6 vehicle classification

Measurements range from 1-255km/h

Data storage for 360,000 Vehicles 4MB ,Extendable to 8MB

Data interface for data transfer to PC, laptop, Palmtop

Integrated Doppler radar (24.125 GHZ/5MW)

Communication and analysis software via graph



The RVC1 Vehicle Counter Systems provides vehicle speed and class (car, bus, truck etc), it is small, handy and flexible. Get vehicle counting and road traffic analysis with one of our vehicle counters or vehicle detection system. Our system is fully integrated so that all of your real time traffic data is accessible.


• Long operating time (more than 2 weeks with only one battery).
• Measurement possible in both directions.
• Robust carrying aluminium box and handle making the counter highly portable.


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