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R6 Bicycle Counter Systems

11 Nov 2014

Key Features

• Bidirectional counting.
• Will count for two weeks before recharge.
• Light but robust casing.
• Simple and secure mounting system.
• On board Bluetooth modem for easy data download.


R6 Bicycle Counter Systems

The R6 Bicycle Counter Systems is an advanced ultra sensitive bicycle counter system specifically designed for detecting bicycles on dedicated bicycle paths.


• Ideal for rural, rugged areas.
• Low installation, operational and maintenance costs.
• Long life battery.
• Permanent or portable counter models available.


• On board memory of 2MB (=43,000 bikes).
• Radar sensor that works in all weather.
• Simple desktop analysing software that produces a variety of reporting styles.
• Data that shows date, time, speed and number of bicycles (people).
• A permanent counting solution or mains attachment.
• Data can be downloaded by any MS Windows 6.6 enabled PDA type phone which can also be supplied.
• Can be supplied with a temperature sensor.

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