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Thumbnail image of Rennicks red flashing SR-20C Active Road Studs alert bus drivers of pedestrian crossings

Rennicks red flashing SR-20C Active Road Studs alert bus drivers of pedestrian crossings

11 Nov 2014

bus1-150x150TfGM – Bury Bus Station

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) are rolling out new bus stations across Greater Manchester and have identified the need to provide bus drivers with greater awareness of pedestrian crossings to aid safety.


Rennicks SR-20C LED Active Road Studs


105 SR-20C Bi-directional Active Red Studs which flash on a 2Hz cycle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week were installed providing advance warning to bus drivers of the potential risk of pedestrians crossing on the entrance, exit and in the middle of the bus station.

The Results

TfGM chose the Rennicks solution in partnership with the installation contractor Road Tech because they felt confident in the products, installation and after sales service provided.

A trial stud was supplied so that TfGM could assess the product quality and be sure it would deliver the right brightness and effect they were looking for prior to installation.

With the added benefit of a unique anti slip treatment, the road studs provide enhanced pedestrian safety should anyone walk off the crossing.

There is also an optional addition if required, for the studs to be controlled by any system such as overhead video detection which automatically recognises pedestrians and activates the warning studs, creating a bespoke solution to suit every need.

The Rennicks SR-20C LED Active Road Studs have now been working effectively at Bury Bus Station for over a year and they are still shining bright and alerting bus drivers to the potential hazard ahead.

Rennicks helping to improve safety at a major transport hub.

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