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Thumbnail image of Gatwick Airport Fire & Rescue Vehicles flying high with Rennicks

Gatwick Airport Fire & Rescue Vehicles flying high with Rennicks

11 Nov 2014

gat-front-150x150March 2014 – Gatwick Airport Fire & Rescuegat2

Gatwick airport is one of the UK’s busiest airports and passengers traveling to and from the airport are growing year on year.
It is therefore paramount that all the staff and passengers feel safe when they are flying in and out of the airport. Part of this safety factor is the fire and safety vehicles which need to be able to respond quickly should an emergency arise but also need to be clearly seen to avoid any further health and safety issues.

So when London Gatwick Airport needed new livery for their two Panther response vehicles, they knew they could trust Bluelite and Rennicks to provide the fully compliant and vibrant materials required in this tough environment.

Crystal Gradegat3-300x200

Nikkalite Crystal Grade sheeting is extremely durable, flexible and easy to apply with high visibility properties, particularly at night.

With a 10* Year Life, Gatwick Airport could be sure their vehicles would be shining bright and keeping everyone safe for many years.

The Results

London Gatwick Airport were very pleased with the chosen suppliers. Bluelite is only one of five Rennicks Gold Converters and they were able to cut a bespoke kit and with the excellent flexibility of the materials were able to apply it to the unusual contours of these huge response vehicles.

The bright and fully compliant yellow and red livery along with the ease of installation left the customer happy and gave Bluelite the peace of mind using materials of such excellent quality and the vehicles were back in service very quickly to avoid any issues relating to having to manage without these key emergency vehicles during conversion.

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