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WK 072 Slippery Road

3 Mar 2015


WK 072 Slippery Road

The WK 072 Slippery Road sign should be used to warn that the danger of vehicles skidding is greater than normal. The degree of danger cannot be defined as it depends on the skid resistance, speed of traffic, superelevation, weather and other factors. The sign will normally be used where traffic is running on a temporary surface or the final surfacing has not yet been laid.

Supplementary Plate P 085, Unfinished Road Surface, and Plate P 011, Cautionary Speed, may be used in conjunction with Sign WK 072.

Sign WK 072 with Supplementary Plate P 010, End, should be erected to mark the end of the section affected. However, if this coincides with the end of the roadworks, Sign WK 001 with Supplementary Plate P 010 should be erected instead.

Where roadworks are substantially complete but it is necessary for a road to remain for a period with a surface other than the permanent final surface course, Sign WK 072 should be used. Since this is a roadworks sign with an orange background, it must be preceded by Sign WK 001 even though other traffic management measures are removed.

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