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RUS 018 Parking Permitted

11 Nov 2014



RUS 018 Parking Permitted

The RUS 018 Parking Permitted sign, indicates that parking is permitted. If there are any restrictions to the hours of parking, the days and hours when parking is permitted shall be specified on an accompanying Supplementary Plate P 051, Period of Operation.

Where a system of pay and display, permit or disc parking operates, sign RUS 018 shall be used with a Supplementary Plate P 053, Parking, specifying the hours of operation of the parking and the length of time permitted for a single stay on the particular stretch of road concerned. The wording, hours of operation and period for which parking is permitted may be varied as appropriate.

At the end of the section of road where parking is permitted, Sign RUS 018 may be displayed with one or other of the arrows omitted, to indicate the direction of the permitted parking.

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