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RUS 014 No Overtaking

11 Nov 2014



RUS 014 No Overtaking

The No Overtaking Sign, RUS 014, prohibits overtaking at locations where it is considered dangerous to do so.

Sign RUS 014 should not be used in situations where the same result can be achieved by the use of continuous white line markings. However, the sign may be used to reinforce an overtaking ban, especially on long lengths of continuous line.

A Supplementary Plate P 002, Length, shall be mounted below sign RUS 014 to indicate the distance over which the prohibition applies. If there are intermediate junctions along the length of road over which the prohibition applies, the sign shall be repeated after each junction, with a supplementary plate showing the remaining distance. Similarly, if the prohibition is over a long length of road, the sign should be repeated at intervals (1km may be appropriate), showing the remaining length.

The end of a restriction on overtaking as indicated by this sign shall be denoted through the use of Sign RUS 014 above Supplementary Plate P 010, End.

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