RUS 007 Turn Left Ahead


Product Description

RUS 007 Turn Left Ahead

The Turn Left Ahead Sign, RUS 007, indicates that traffic must turn in the direction indicated by the arrow at the next junction.

This sign may be used in conjunction with the relevant junction warning signs where it is required to give drivers more specific guidance about the junction ahead. RUS 007 is commonly used in conjunction with warning sign W 022, T-Junction Ahead at Dual Carriageway (No Central Reserve Break), on the side road approach to a dual carriageway, where no right turn facility exists.

Where this sign is used it should ideally be sited 50m in advance of the junction to which they refer. This figure may need to be adjusted, however, to ensure that there is no intervening turn between the sign and the junction. In most instances, these signs will be supplemented by the Turn Left Sign, RUS 006, or Turn Right Sign, RUS 005, as appropriate, at the junction.