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RUS 045 Periodic Speed Limit Signs

11 Nov 2014

Key Features of Periodic Signs

• Strong aluminium construction
• Ultra bright LED’s for high visibility
• Polycarbonate LED covers for high impact resistance
• 200mm Diameter LED Flashing Amber Beacons
• Fully programmable digital timer up to 2030
• Low power consumption
• Fully programmable timer
• Automatic night time dimming
• Environmentally friendly
• Full installation service available


RUS 045 Periodic Speed Limit Signs

Rennicks LED RUS 045 Periodic Speed Limit Signs are designed for use in locations where a Periodic Speed Limit is required – outside schools, in town or villages, in traffic calming schemes or any area where a reduced speed limit is required for a specific period or duration.

The signs are fully programmable and can be easily set up to start or stop displaying at pre-determined times and dates to provide daily, weekly and yearly control.

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