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Thumbnail image of Rennicks Nikkalite® Flexible Crystal Grade reaches the grade in The Falkland Islands

Rennicks Nikkalite® Flexible Crystal Grade reaches the grade in The Falkland Islands

11 Nov 2014

 image-thumb-150x150July 2014 – Falkland Islands Fire & Rescue

The Falkland Islands have now taken possession of a 4×4 Water Foam Tender which has been built by AMDAC Carmichael and livery applied by Bluelite using Rennicks Nikkalite® Flexible Crystal Grade.
Emergency Services Vehicles are always subject to tough working conditions and this added to the Falkland Islands diverse weather conditions meant the vehicle had to withstand the punishment these combined elements would deliver.
So when Bluelite needed to provide a tough conspicuity solution, they knew Rennicks Nikkalite® Crystal Grade could meet the challenge.

Crystal GradeADMAC-Falklands-July-14-image3

Nikkalite® Crystal Grade sheeting is extremely durable, flexible and easy to apply with high visibility properties, particularly at night.
With up to *10 Years Life, the Falkland Islands Fire & Rescue could be sure their vehicles would be shining bright and keeping everyone safe for many years.

The Results

ADMAC Carmichael is well recognised as a major force in the manufacture and supply of fire-fighting vehicles throughout the world and working with Bluelite, a Rennicks Gold Converter, they were able to provide a fully compliant, robust and fit for purpose fire and rescue vehicle.
Bluelite, renowned for their excellent customer service, created a bespoke livery kit and with the superb flexibility of the Rennicks Crystal Grade materials were able to apply the livery effectively to the new 4×4 emergency services vehicle.
The vehicle was delivered to the schedule and Gardner Fiddes, Chief Fire Officer, is very pleased with the new vehicle. The Falkland Islands Fire and Rescue Service now have peace of mind that the vehicle and the livery will withstand the challenges the new vehicle will face.

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