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Portsmouth City Council

11 Nov 2014

PortsmouthPortsmouth City Council

Portsmouth is characterized by narrow streets of terraced houses with no off-street parking and it’s also the first city in Britain to introduce a 20mph speed limit on almost all its
residential roads. The new speed limit is designed to make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists and was introduced in all areas of the city.

The council plans were to install prominent new 20mph signs where drivers enter the new speed restrictions as well as ‘repeater’ signs as reminders.

Cllr Alex Bentley, Executive Member for Environment and Transportation said: “On most of our residential roads it’s not safe to rive at more than 20mph because they are narrow and lined with parked cars. We want to target the small number of drivers who drive at inappropriate speeds without regard for road safety. A pedestrian hit by a car travelling 20mph is likely to suffer slight injuries, at 30mph they are likely to be severely hurt, but at 40mph they are likely to be killed.”

Nikkalite® Ultralite SheetingPortsmouth 2

Colas (Portsmouth City Councils highways maintenance contractor) employed specialist sign installation contractors MASS Installation Limited to carry out he works to install over 3,000 signs. Due to the volume of signs required, the scheme needed a cost effective yet highly competent reflective sheeting product and Nikkalite® Ultralite Sheeting from Rennicks UK was chosen as the perfect solution.

The Results

The scheme, which was funded by the government, won Portsmouth lots of attention for its boldness in improving safety for its residents. Cllr Alex Bentley went on to say “I’m sure this project could save lives, particularly children and elderly people, and get more people cycling. We want to change the culture in the city so that speeding in residential areas is seen as dangerous and anti-social.” Rennicks were pleased to support such an innovative and exciting project with Nikkalite® Ultralite signs – a cost effective and quality product solution.

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