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A37 Somerset County Council, WS Atkins & Ringway Signs

11 Nov 2014

Somerset-County-Council-1Somerset County Council & Atkins go ahead with A37 route review plans

The A37 running through Somerset is a busy West Country primary A class road with many bends and junctions. This road also intersects with the A303 trunk road. When Somerset County Council decided to go ahead with a route review, traffic engineers at Atkins, (the service provider serving SCC), highlighted locations where a more specialized sign material should be introduced. Safety, sustainability and low maintenance were key objectives. These were achieved by manufacturing the signs with innovative protective overlay films.

Nikkalite® Crystal Grade, Dewtect & Anti-Graffiti Overlays

The final specification called for signs to be manufactured using micro-prismatic sheeting with speed limit signage covered in anti-graffiti protective overlay and some warning and directional signage covered in dew resistant overlay. The material of choice was Nikkalite Crystal Grade Micro-prismatic Sheeting, Nikkalite® Dewtect and Nikkalite® Anti-graffiti Protective Overlays. With a wide experience of using these products on other large high-profile schemes, Rennicks knew these products would give Atkins and Somerset County Council the performance they were seeking.

The Results

Mr Stephen Webb of Atkins said, “It is now preferred to cover all micro-prismatic signs with dew resistance sheeting especially chevron signs of which there are several in the A37 scheme. All speed limit signs are covered in anti-graffiti material because a number of sign fascia have been defaced in the past. We are satisfied that Nikkalite® materials have been used on the A37 scheme and look forward to monitoring the signs in the months and years ahead.”

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